Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Realising the potential of the circular economy

Winning hearts and minds to drive action

EMF are an incredible organisation dedicated to moving the world and business towards a circular economy. Its pioneering research and insights have the power to revolutionise the way we think about life, work and the environment.

However, this was not being easily translated into a story that people understood. Imaginations weren’t captured and it was unclear what people ‘should do next’.

Appealing to the true nature of the audience

We needed to align everyone behind a clear and inspiring communication framework, aligned to the Foundation and with particular applicability to the New Plastics Economy.

Through primary and secondary research into the people of the organisation as well as their core audience groups, we sought to establish the base values of the people they were communicating to. Through this we developed three creative strategies and narratives, rooted in human insights, to bring the EMF offering to life.

The New Plastics Economy

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