Hosting the debate on nature-based solutions

Using cross-sector collaboration to harness progress

As the headline sponsor of COP26, Unilever wanted to lead the discussion around climate change, specifically in relation to protecting and regenerating forests and other natural ecosystems.

There was a crucial need to communicate effectively to government, scientists and wider stakeholders the seriousness and urgency of preserving natural resources and limiting global temperature rise.

Nature is our global life-support system

We needed to help Unilever tell an important story of nature, science and climate change without making the company front and centre. Supported by a panel discussion, the resulting film contained input from experts at WWF, Google, National Geographic, the World Resources Institute and the Tropical Forest Alliance.

Through a compelling short film to support their expert panel discussion, we brought to life the intersectionality of people, organisations and the planet.

In Our Nature: COP 26

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