Bringing equity, diversity & inclusion to life

Making ED&I inspiring & relevant for a global workforce

Siemens was establishing its ED&I strategy and commitments across the globe. The key was to make the strategy resonate with employees from diverse backgrounds and locations 

How do you appeal to a global audience in a succinct and powerful way? Naturally, people come to the topics of inclusiveness and diversity from very different perspectives, so it was critical to create something authentic to Siemens that everyone could get behind. 

Using research as the foundation for emotive and engaging messaging

Our job was to establish an authentic and emotional connection through all communications, that both spoke to where the business ‘was at’ as well as where it ‘was going’.

Using our methodology, we conducted secondary desktop research, covering both internal documents and external communications. This gave us the full picture of how the motivations & values of the business were being communicated and how ED&I was being perceived.

Based on these findings we then created an authentic purpose statement for ED&I that laddered up to the corporate purpose and strategy – linking ED&I in a concrete and emotional way to the direction of the business. This also reflected the values and passions of the CDO.

We then expressed this narrative across outputs including: a long-form purpose statement, short-form tag lines, full internal & external narrative, personal leadership presentations for the CDO – both to the board and external stakeholders.

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