Purpose is a fad, having a purpose isn’t

How we think about purpose

Purpose means different things to different people. Some people talk about it in terms of their impact on the world. Others talk about it as a company’s ‘why’ wanting to unite employees and customers behind a unifying direction. At the deepest level people see it as personal – What do I live for? Through our work we focus on all three layers, uncovering meaning for individuals, direction for businesses and lasting impact.

The three layers of purpose

The three layers of purpose



How do we impact all of our stakeholders, society and the environment in a way that is beneficial?


How do we articulate why we exist as a business? How do we unify everyone on our journey (from suppliers to customers)?


What motivates me? What is it I want for my life and my legacy?

Why is purpose important?

tbt founders Elizabeth Smith and Adam Penny on why businesses need to have a purpose – now more than ever.

Companies with purpose beyond profit

  • Have more engaged employees
  • Have more loyal customers
  • Have greater stakeholder alignment
  • Deliver consistently higher returns
  • Garner more trust
  • Have more longevity

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The Beautiful Truth Magazine celebrates the individuals and businesses who are embracing life with purpose to create a kinder, more equitable, and greener world.

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