Building trust by embedding purpose from the inside

A human solution to a business challenge

Glencore operates across all continents, often in complex jurisdictions, and with its broad influence invites a lot of scrutiny. Combined with the nature and history of its trading business, the brand has been regarded with low trust amongst many stakeholder groups.

In 2019 the company embarked on a journey to engage its global workforce with a single, well articulated purpose, and campaign to bring it to life. The objective was to galvanize employees, creating a culture where values are celebrated, building trust and an inspiring company globally.

Change starts with people

The key to success was rooting all communications in Glencore’s employees – establishing authenticity from the outset by telling the stories of how the purpose is lived every day within the business.

We established an authentic and inspiring purpose encapsulating the ‘why’ behind Glencore’s activities. This was followed by a 2-year programme of embedding the Purpose, Values & Code of Conduct across the global business.

Creating coherence across geographies

Working with global and local teams, we developed a suite of film, digital and print assets in twelve languages that showed the many faces of Glencore across the world.

Glencore’s purpose film

Bringing it to life through digital

Our clients